Missing invoices? Late Payments?

We'll scan your emails for invoices, including looking for PDFs. Then, push the information to your accounting platform and summarise it in a nice dashboard. We'll also explain what taxes are on it, and any interesting invoice quirks. Honestly, we've got you covered.

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Automated Reporting

Sick of searching for invoices, and manually pushing them to your accounting software?

Automated Accounting

We'll sync your invoices, and emails containing them, directly to your accounting software.

How does it work?

Login to your emails

Scans for invoices

Pushes those invoices to Xero/your accounting platform

Creates a dashboard showing you what's due

COMING SOON = pay any invoice, anywhere

COMING SOON = automated tax advice

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What our customers say

"I've managed accounts for 15 years. Every time I join a new company, I spend DAYS collating invoices. With La Puce, it's done in minutes."

Karen Esmerald

"I loathed syncing our invoicing with Xero, it took hours of manual work. La Puce does it instantly."

Max Fante

"I manage accounts for a company in 15 countries. Using La Puce I save days of work."

Amy Zhou

La Puce is cheap!

We wanted to build this product for ourselves, so we just need to cover our costs!

Prefect for builders
  • Unlimited email scans
  • Unlimited PDF scans
  • Unlimited Accounting integrations
  • COMING SOON: Global Payouts
  • COMING SOON: Automated Taxes
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Invoices, automated globally

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